HDPE Roller


HDPE roller is made by modern polymer and fibre materials.HDPE rollers are fast becoming the preferred option over conventional steel rollers due to the following advantages:

  • High impact strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, better than carbon steel for sliding abrasion
  • Low coefficient of friction, making it less susceptible to material build up
  • Belt friendly material. Even advance wear on the shell will not damage the belt
  • Non magnetic, so can be used when separating ferrous materials
  • Low Noise
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Excellent waterproof and anti-dust
  • Up to 50% lighter than steel and reduces potential for injuries during installation and manual handling


HDPE roller offers the best solution to roller failure caused by corrosion in humid and wet conditions
In most cases, HDPE rollers are self-cleaning by not allowing carryback to stick to the nonporous shell, causing mistracking, potential, spillage or belt wear.