Filter Belt


Rubber Filter Belt

Rubber filter belt, also called vacuum belt or carrier belt, is designed for solid-liquid separation. It is the critical part of rubber belt vacuum filter and vacuum belt stock washer.
Our max width is 6800mm.


  • Heat resistant filter belt
  • Acid and alkali resistant filter belt
  • Oil resistant filter belt
  • Cold resistant filter belt

Sidewall bond way
Cold bonding: It’s easy to operate in local workshop, and convenient for transportation.
Hot vulcanizing: Has longer lifetime, need be very careful in transportation.

Filter Press Fabrics (Filter Press Cloths)
Polyester Spiral Belt / Mesh

Material: Polyester monofilament.
Composition: 100% Polyester.

Use: Filter press fabrics used for filter and filter press, paper mills dryer and conveying.
Application: It’s widely used in sludge desiccation, paper pulp washing, coal washing, chemicals, dehydration of wine bran,vinegar bran dehydration and other industries.