Automotive Belt

Auto V-Belt

Has the feature of oil and heat resistant,aging-resistant,high power,small elongation and long life. Material:mainly CR.Include raw edge type,raw edge laminated type and raw edge cogged type.

Main type: AV10, AV13, AV15, AV17, AV22


Auto Poly V-Belt

Combines the advantages of vbelt and plain belt.Has the feature of oil and heat resistant,aging-resistant,non-slip,high efficiency,high power and long life.

Material: CR belt and EPDM belt.
Main type: PK,DPK


Auto Timing Belt

Used on camshaft and injection pumps on automotive engines.Has the feature of oil and heat resistant,aging-resistant,non-slip,small elongation and long life.

Material:CR belt and HNBR belt.

Main type:ZA,ZB,ZBS,RU,MR,RS,YU,MY,S8M,ect.